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By ima 4 larry/ sortof (anonymous) | Posted August 02, 2010 at 12:18:27

Voting for Larry couldn't be any worse than re-electing the current bunch , Really, collectively , what have they done for the Hammer ? Fred tries but can't get support. They can't get through any major issue as a team.. always arguing and never looking what is good for all of us.. always parochial ..The one that really got me was the recent comment by Concillor Terry Whitebread saying that he is going to run again because "he is at the top of his game and wants to give the west mtn more parks " . What a platform . Isnt he in some sort of harrasment fiasco at City Hall ? Parks costs more money Terry , but he have never worked for a livig anyway. I wish Ferguson had run .or one of the Downtown guys for mayor.. we really need some changes at council

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