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By F. Ward Cleat (anonymous) | Posted August 02, 2010 at 01:56:23

Mr. Young you really should think about hiring some public relations people. It probably would be wise to look for local talent, since outsiders are likely to get chewed up and spit out in this town. You see Bob since you've been away we have been knocked down a few times and were getting a little cranky. The President of your Football team may think most of us aren't to bright because most of us wear workboots but he should know they have steel toes so they hurt when we kick back. As for taking your ball and going home well it's your ball and we've had it happen before Seimens. P&G, Lakeport, Westinghouse, Hamilton Tigers are just a few teams we played by the rules with but they left anyway. So you see Bob if you don't want to play here just say so and we'll take our $60 million and do something we can all be proud of. It will be a sad day if you choose to leave but we'll still have over a 100 years of Tiger-Cat history and you can't take that. You have to know Bob that we're going to be making a decision based on what's best for Hamilton where we can get the biggest bang for our buck and we will expect our councilors to make that decision or we'll replace them with someone who will. PS; Tell your buddy Cohon we don't want another team cause it just wouldn't be the same as our Ti-Cats. Sincerely a Former Bob Young Fan and soon to be former CFL Fan.

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