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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted August 01, 2010 at 21:12:00

There's a saying in business - "The first generation builds it. The second generation grows it. The third generation destroys it."

I guess that old saying applies to family reputations. Nicely played Bob Young. Absolutely appalling! Tomorrow morning, when you're standing in front of the bathroom mirror, take a moment and have a little chat with yourself. Ask yourself one simple question, "What would my ancestors have done?"

As I've been saying all along, you've been getting bad counsel.

The final straw was allowing Mark Cohen to offer his outrageous threat to the citizens of Hamilton. It's the best evidence yet you have absolutely no understanding of community spirit. I have to be honest, I'm surprised at the truth in this statement. You had me fooled.

BTW, in Ontario there's a law that says you have to keep your pit bull on a leash. I think Scott Mitchell jumped over the fence and is running around wild and you haven't noticed yet. Get a leash. Get a grip. And then get to the West Harbour ASAP!

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