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By nextdoor (anonymous) | Posted August 01, 2010 at 08:19:23

Very well said unindustrial. There really is a connected theme here in terms of city vision. It's also about those that represent competing visions. Hopefully, in the bigger picture, it shows that a more progressive vision of Hamilton is taking hold in a growing segment of the population, even it is still precarious. Five years ago I would say that this wouldn't have been a close debate, but now it is. Also, I think it says something about the balance of the dual nature of our city that when we have an issue that perfectly brings to light the City versus Sprawl visions of Hamilton, a retread like Di Ianni is the only one that is put forward to carry the banner of sprawl - riding a vespa no less! It's still a battle for Hamilton's future, but I get the sense that sprawlers are increasingly desperate, resorting to threats, knowing that the fact, time, and population are not on their side.

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