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By brian (registered) | Posted July 31, 2010 at 15:08:25

I am a long term supporter of the ticats (more than 30 years) and as long as Bob Young and Mark Cohon are the owner and commissioner i refuse to go to another game. Enough is enough, the last clown who made threats (Harold Ballard) also lost 1000's of fans for make threats of moving the team and for putting a lousy product on the field. Well it's happening again and does nothing to help the franchise whether they get their desired location or not. I don't think the franchise was the same after ballard made his threats and having a lousy team. Amazing a team that potentially could be out of the playoffs in a few weeks could even dare to make such a threat. Does Bob Young realize how much the attendance is going drop with that...let alone a threat to move the team?. That's not running a franchise, all that is saying is to your season ticket holders and core audience...i don't give a damn about you. Montreal just upgraded their downtown stadium and guess what 5,000 more people are going to the games now. How in the hell when the Ticats have had sell outs in a area with less parking do people manage to get there, leave and have no problems?. In the 70's when it was routine to have a full house i dont recall any problems with a 30,000 plus crowd. If he doesn't get what he wants he could atleast have the decency to try to sell the team to someone that would keep it in hamilton first before making threats to moving them.

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