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By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted July 31, 2010 at 13:47:30

FWIW, I posted this to the CFL forum if anyone reads that...

The following letter sent to the City of Hamilton by Cohen is highly inappropriate:

The unmitigated gaul of the Commissioner to weigh in on this issue of municipal politics!

CFL fans across the country should know that the West Harbour site was decided on because it meets city building criteria for the city and because it meets the criteria of the Pan-Am committee for easy access within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Cohen is now blackmailing the people of Hamilton to commit to a stadium site that hasn't even been studied for feasibility.

The fact is that the West Harbour site, albeit not perfect, is the best location from a civic building perspective. It allows for the remediation of a brown field site, and has the best multi modal access (rail, walking, city roads, highways, and buses). Furthermore, it is located close to downtown amenities such as nature trails, shops, hotels, and restaurants.

With all the rhetoric flying around the Ticat and CFL offices, the opposition to the West Harbour site boils down to one thing: remote location with lots of parking. The Ticats want a location that leaves people with no choice but to drive so that they can charge for parking spots that taxpayers are paying to build. How is that a good business model? This is corporate welfare.

I am a long time Tiger Cat fan, but my city of Hamilton comes first. If you say East Mountain or else, then be prepared to have your bluff called. The CFL needs Hamilton a lot more than Hamilton needs the CFL. Mr. Cohen and Mr. Young, if you want to leave, be my guest. I'll even help you pack.

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