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By Ti-Cat fan (anonymous) | Posted July 31, 2010 at 10:50:05

An east mountain stadium is a plan to keep even more people away form downtown. I don't get it. 10 x 25,000 = a quarter million people driving to EM and driving home. What a colossal waste.

It is imperative that any prospect of a quaeter million visits be directed towards downtown.

It can be made to work. There is plenty of time to address a satisfying business plan and creating a satisfatory access and parking plan. For example, having main routes temporarily conveted to one way in before the game, and one way out after, just as is currently done in many U.S. cities.

An EM site does absolutely nothing for the city and it's image. And that's all the Tiger-Cats really do for us.

A WH stadium, on the other hand, will complement other city building projects quite nicley, creating a synergy that benefits and enhances our city's core. I'm looking to retire there and I'm eagerly awaiting a reason to do so, and as a Ti-Cat fan who attends many, many games (season tix and flex packs) a West harbour stadium would give me that reason.

Perhaps it's time for the city to consider buying the team from Bob Young, who through his actions, has transformed himself from "caretaker" to "owner". We hire someone from Saskatchewan to run it or to consult and replicate their highly successful public ownership model.

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