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By Hunter (anonymous) | Posted July 31, 2010 at 10:27:05

This is the end. F_ck you Cohon.

For years I've been supporting the CFL and the Ti-Cats, with both my cash and my words. I have a
good season ticket now and was going to get another for my son at WH. Goodbye.

The whole Pan-Am infrastructure endeavor with public money made perfect sense until the Fenn EM
proposition. Everyone against EM would agree that they could do that if they wished if it was
their own money. But it isn't. It's public money, municipal, provincial and federal, and it
should be spent... I'm not going to continue - everyone knows how it should be spent.

The annual 'guaranteed loss' of up to $7 million at WH is a crock - example: $20 AVERAGE ticket
price. The lowest price you can pay at the box office to get into IVS is $22.

Access terribly limited?! WHAT ON EARTH?! End of CFL in Hamilton - is that a threat?! No room for Grey Cup concerts?! Copps f_cking Coliseum is a ten minute WALK from WH.

If these sh_tbirds think they can extort money from the public purse this way then to hell with
them. Once again, f_ck you Cohon.


ps Fenn, give back every cent you were paid to mediate.

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