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By George (registered) | Posted July 31, 2010 at 09:56:30

Again as along time fan and season ticket holder, I admire what Bob Young has done for the team and the city and appreciate it greatly.However, this back stabbing of our city and its citizens is crossing the line. There is no other way to describe it.

Soccer fields on east mountain? The city already has Mohawk Sports Park? Leave the city plannning to the city and it's citizens. Let us spend our money as we best see fit through our elected representatives. It is not money for the Tiger-Cats or Osmington to "steal".

Shame on the province of Ontario for betraying the good citizens of Hamilton.

I strongl;y urge the city not to contribute one dime to any East Mountain stadium. Let the Tiger-Cats, Osmington and the province pay for the whole shebang if they want it so badly.

If the city's money is needed then it's West Harbour. It's time to call the bluff of the Tiger-Cats and now the CFL. Just where would the Tiger-Cats go? Just where would the CFL expand to?

The question needs to be asked; Who needs the Tiger-Cats more, the CFL or the city of Hamilton?

I don't want the Tiger-Cats to leave. I love them! But enough is enough!I love my city more, and I resent the fact the Bob Young et al are pitting the city against thet Tiger-Cats.

In reality, if the Tiger-Cats were to leave, it would save the city millions and serosuly hurt, if not kill, the CFL. Mark Cohon, think twice please.

Absolutley disgracefull the way the city has been treated and marginalised by the province and private interests.

Shame on the Tiger-Cats and shame on the province!

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