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By JMorse (registered) | Posted July 31, 2010 at 09:26:09

Like George and others above, I feel my support for the team should be discontinued.

In becoming a new seasons ticket holder, I wanted to experience some the civic pride on display at Ivor Wynne on gamedays.

I was excited about the direction this city was headed when I moved here last year with my family. We have even purchased our first home in west downtown sooner than planned. We get the keys next weekend.

Now I'm torn, actually embarrassed, because my brother, who still lives in Toronto, and I are planning to attend next Saturday's game. This would be his first time at a TiCats game, same as last fall was my first time. We're not even that much into football, but like the energy of the crowd. We were going to check out my new place, and experience some of the positive elements of this city. I'm now faced with trying to decide if I should pursue a refund on my tickets for the remainder of the season.

Should I say "sorry bro, no game" and try to salvage some dignity after the threats my support of the team has rewarded me with, or attend the game like an abused spouse thinking they could still change their minds?

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