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By adrian (registered) | Posted July 31, 2010 at 07:41:39

What's also important to me is that the Tiger-Cats become a sustainable franchise and I don't think (again only my opinion) that it can be at West Harbour.

Of course you have to rely on your opinion, since the Tiger-Cats have yet to release any actual evidence that the West Harbour will not work for them, although they promised they would be providing that this week.

Anyway, this stadium is not supposed to be built for the Tiger-Cats. It is going to be built to host the Pan Am Games. The fact the Tiger-Cats have managed to turn this into a debate about them has already cost us the track & field events, which left specifically because Athletics Canada became concerned the stadium was going to be all about pro football.

Prior to the strong-arm tactics, the bullying, the threats, and the intransigence, most people here wanted to see a successful Tiger-Cat franchise as well. We believe they'd be successful at the West Harbour. But more importantly, we believe that if we're going to spend $100 million of public money, it should be on our terms, at the location we chose, at a place where it's going to benefit more than a very narrow spectrum of already wealthy businesspeople.

The Tiger-Cats still have the opportunity to come to their senses and realize that a massive segment of Hamilton's population are unsupportive of the East Mountain plan for powerful reasons: pride in their city, hope for the future, dreams of their children's success. Aside from those with financial interests, those in favour of the East Mountain location are mainly driven by loyalty to a sports team or fear of losing that sports team.

One set of reasons is far more powerful than the other. Should the Tiger-Cats decide the West Harbour could work - perhaps subsequent to a city council vote in favour of that location - those who favoured the East Mountain will just say, "oh well, no big deal," and come to the games anyway.

That's not going to happen if it goes the other way.

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