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By George (registered) | Posted July 31, 2010 at 00:18:35

I'm also done with this team.

This lifelong fan and season ticket holder for 20 years is done. I'm not renewing.

The city had long established plans to better this city, a city that so desperately needs it, and to have it hijacked by the Tiger-Cats by their last minute veto is outrageous!

And now they have the gall to not only begin to plan for our WH, but also have designs for the spending of our future fund. That's the last straw!

We have a democratically elected council to do that. How the province aided and abetted this coup is beyond beleief!

What a truly sad time for Hamilton.

No money for East Mountain and if it's no to West Harbour, then pass on the games. Who needs them? Certainly not us.

Keep Ivor Wynne for now, until we have new Tiger-Cat owner and proper place and plan for a new stadium insrtead of an East mountain mistake.

"Caretaker" indeed!

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