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By wow (anonymous) | Posted July 30, 2010 at 23:37:39

It's not like I could say anything to change anybody's mind, and I didn't come here to sorry if that's how it came off. I just don't think this is about threats or about taking advantage of the city. To me (and just my opinion)it's more about doing what will make sense down the road. I don't believe a stadium at West Harbour would do anything to revitalize the area...I don't think the concept of revitalization should be abandoned though because I think it's important.

What's also important to me is that the Tiger-Cats become a sustainable franchise and I don't think (again only my opinion)that it can be at West Harbour.

I guess I am just surprised at all the hatred for the team and the owner. I have seen talks about boycotting the team over this. If that was to's pretty much a lose lose scenario. "come play at West Harbour where you will fail as a franchise or we will make sure you fail as a franchise anyway". That's all I'm trying to say really...I don't think it had to be like this and I don't think either "side" wanted that.

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