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By Andrea (registered) | Posted July 30, 2010 at 23:19:39

Wow, to think how much time I've wasted out of my life defending the Ti-Cats/CFL. I have remained a lifelong Ti-Cat fan through years of living and working in England and the US and was happy to come back to Hamilton a decade ago and start attending games again. But I really and truly take a solemn oath to never, ever attend a Ti-Cat game again. My loyalty and love has turned to loathing of the team's management and indifference to the team's performance. These people truly are dinosaurs. There are many people in this town who care passionately about creating interesting, lively public spaces accessible by public transit. This is still achievable because the Future Fund is ours to use for this very purpose! All we have to do is ensure that not one single solitary cent goes towards the Ti-Cats and the East Mountain stadium, and that instead we use OUR PUBLIC MONEY to clean up the West Harbour lands and then harness our collective creativity to work out a common vision on how to use the land. Bayfront Park and Pier 4 are already amazing spaces, let's do more. There are lots of smaller businesses just itching to open up in the harbour lands. Grassroots, sustainable development can do much more than people realize. Let the Ti-Cats build their albatross of a parking wasteland on the EM (shame about losing our greenfields)-- but let them have their 60s style car-centric tailgate parties (after paying $15 parking for the honour)....

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