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By brian (registered) | Posted July 30, 2010 at 18:49:33

Now we have the commissioner of the CFL theatening the city. He is saying that if the stadium isn't built where the Ticats want it and than decide to leave the city, Hamilton will not be considered for an expansion franchise in the future. He states this will end CFL football in Hamilton forever. This shows that the CFL could care less about the city to come out with a statement like that. I think it's time for the city to say no to the Pan Am games and not build a stadium and any real Ticat fan should voice their anger towards Bob Young and Mark Cohon (Cfl Commissioner). If Bob Young decides to move the team out of Hamilton....what is he saying to fans that are actually supporting him? these season ticket holders really think they gave a damn about them?..The CFL is a good product on the field and is a great game to watch but it seems to have always attracted clowns. No matter what side of the fence you are on to have the commissioner and the team owner making these threats and holding the city hostage with tax payers money is not acceptable. If the city is smart they will say no to these pan am games.

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