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By Disgruntled (anonymous) | Posted July 30, 2010 at 17:38:37

I can't take the White Star Group seriously. I am a neighbor of the White Star Auto Wreckers site. 2 years ago when the stadium announcement was made I watched the derelict building, which use to be the front office transform into a half assed renovation to try make some financial value out of the property. I recieved a proposal about his condominium plan in the mail many years ago. I can't believe that this man has the financial backing to pull a stadium out of his ass. If it is built with as much skill as the renovation of his office we will all be in deep trouble. The tide turned on the west harbour and the owner of the white star land has a lot to lose if the west harbour is not picked. The website and the drawings are last ditch efforts to sway opinion.

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