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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted July 30, 2010 at 09:08:07

Oh, believe me, as an explorer and a squatter (as well as someone who's generally opposed to poisoning) some of these sites scare the living bejezzus out of me. Still, to characterize them all as radioactive would be a generalization - some could be cleaned up pretty easily (think about the Lakeport plant).

Does definitely underscore the need to study, test and remediate immediately wherever necessary. The price will not go down if we wait, and the damage will only spread. Forget a park there - what about parks nearby? Or the birds, cats and racoons who freely wander onto these sites?

And don't tell me it's going to be cheaper if we wait. The Randle Reef pricetag has put on between $5 and $15 million in the last few years.

I can't legally own a switchblade, or buy a dime bag, for fear of their dangerous potential. And yet if I wanted to buy a big open vacant lot and stack it with leaking vats with deadly chemicals, that's fine. Heck - even contrast this to Ben's renovation permit adventures. Wouldn't it be nice to be a corporation?

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