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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted July 29, 2010 at 21:49:43

There already is a list to base this off, at, which lists abandoned buildings and other "urban exploration" hotspots extensively by region, and there's a few dozen in Hamilton's if I remember.

By creating a list we're doing what anyone who runs a meth lab is terrified of - shining light on the subject. Will this list lead to more urban explorers and squatters? Probably. But neither of these groups are terribly harmful (where would you prefer homeless people sleep when it's raining?), and both would be well served by a solid list of which sites are contaminated (also something which would diminish potential legal liabilities-something everyone wants in these situations).

If you doubt the power of squatters to transform a space, go to Amsterdam. If you want to see developers leave them to rot, stay here.

Ever been to the Hermitage in Dundas? There's a set of ruins turned into a beautiful park. People have picnics and walk their dogs there. And if they climb up the old brickwork and hurt themselves, it's their own damn fault. How about tidying up one of these old ruined factories and turning it into a park? People love this stuff...I remember finding a family with kids and a dog wandering the open ruins of the old Thistle Club at one point - we gave 'em a tour. And then there's the potential as a venue...

What better uniquely Hamilton waterfront tourist attraction could we ask for?

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