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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted July 29, 2010 at 21:14:58

"This development can be "green", with high-density, low-rise housing for lower-income people, plentiful transit access, parks and vegetable gardens everywhere. It can have a train station, a hospital, schools, maybe even a mall with a library, theatres and a Farmer's Market. We can build it all to conform to strict heritage building codes, encourage multiculturalism and even attempt to engender a thriving arts community."

Um... Aside from within fuel-injected pondering sessions, when -and where- does any of the above take place in a modern world?

Modern non-organic development doesn't even think in terms of what you're suggesting...which is the most enormous paradigm-leap in thinking that I have to wonder if you're simply taking the piss.

You're essentially talking about 'growing a city-center'. You know, creating a downtown.

Um... We already have one that's been woefully neglected for favour of peripheral expansion...expansion which never creates either neighbourhoods or communities, but rather sterile sprawl devoid of most of the qualities we associate with humane living.

(And I'm actually flabbergasted that you're quoting Jane Jacobs.)

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