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By jason (registered) | Posted July 29, 2010 at 17:23:15

actually, Whitestar is proposing a world class, larger stadium and has offered to pay for EVERYTHING above the already allocated $110 million. They are proposing to pump in WAY more money than the Cats. Not to mention, some massive spinoffs in the form of mixed use condo developments are proposed by Whitestar and Molinaro at the WH. The level of private money flowing from the Whitestar group is exactly what we've been waiting for in this city. Perhaps the Cats have been too busy posting cheesy $1.50 ads all over the internet to notice, but we don't need them to divert $7 million from the Future Fund. The FF Board has already diverted all $60 million for the WH.

By the way, I got a good laugh reading Scott Mitchells comments from todays presser. I hope he enjoys a few more years at Ivor Wynne since they WILL NEVER play at the WH. I'm holding you to that Scott. I know you live in TO and could care less about Hamilton, but still, we're going to remind of you that comment when a beautiful new stadium is being built at the WH with OUR money.

One good piece of news today IMO is that soccer will be coming here. I personally prefer the sport to track and field, although I won't be seeing any of either unless it's at the WH. Perhaps Katz can get us an MLS team. That would be an amazing legacy for the WH stadium IMO.

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