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By JonD (registered) | Posted July 29, 2010 at 16:21:24

Pxtl said: "Now if there's only some way to convince the HostCo that the Velodrome should be a temporary structure. Seriously, > that thing is going to be completely derelict after the games are over."

A Velodrome doesn't have to be derelict after. There's a Velodrome in Forest that does well for itself. Also "Fixed Gear" culture is huge in Toronto. While anyone who follows track cycling will tell you there's a vast difference between hipsters bombing around town and the elite athlete's that are found on the velodrome at the world stage there is definitely a growing interest in the sport. Hamilton could get creative and promote ourselves as using the facility to cater to the growing cyclist demographic. If there's a GO stop at Liuna its that much easier for cyclists from anywhere in the GTA to get here...

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