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By Andrea (registered) | Posted July 29, 2010 at 14:44:38

As a downtown (North End) Hamilton resident I find the Ti-Cat press conference insulting. Are they seriously proposing a West Harbour based 3,000 person ampitheatre that can host ORCHESTRA music and attract "church-goers"??? So no worries, you folks who believe in brownfield revitalization who see this is a historic chance to showcase Hamilton's gorgeous West Harbour.... you might be losing the agreed-to athletics stadium that was to host an international sporting event.... you can now have Sunday orchestra concerts. Thanks Ti-Cats for deciding for us the proper recreational use of the West Harbour lands. PLUS they've proposed to donate $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS (gasp) and $100,000 annually in upkeep money. And all they ask is to use our city's Future Fund $60 million (half of the entire fund) to build themselves an East Mountain stadium.

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