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By Jarod (registered) | Posted July 29, 2010 at 11:12:44

I think any attempt to conceal information of discovered sites will only further hinder us. I say that because that's what has been happening for all these years. The public has no idea they're there in the first place.

The more information the public has, the more likely a) people in those communities are going to raise their voices (because really, who is going to hear "Oh, by the way, you have a dangerous toxic waste dump in your neighborhood" and is going to be okay with it?) or b) the city will take some kind of immediate action either preventative measures at entry points or a direct initiative to clean it up.

There are sources and people who don't want this information out there, the very people using these properties as an illegal dump, growth name it.

I would even go as far to say that I feel more concerned for the safety and well being of those so-called transients living in or hanging around these sites. Eventually someone will die or become seriously injured as a result of being on these properties.

I wonder if there is any leeching (I can probably guess there is) into the soil and so forth, and would be curious to know if there has been any related injuries/deaths from long term exposure...

...slippery slope we've found ourselves on.

But yeah, in conclusion, full disclosure has many more advantages than partial disclosure and hoping to protect ourselves from any information gleaned.

as an edit, since I went back up a re-read some posts..the concern that I have for people dwelling or visiting these locations is not that this information will be used as a real estate listing, but more that the concern is for the people this is ultimately what this is about; the health and safety of our environment and how that directly effects the people and their well being in this city and around the world. Because being environmentally friendly begins locally and spreads to a global mindset.

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