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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 29, 2010 at 10:27:24

my concern is that free access to said information could turn it into a real estate listing for people looking to relocate their growing meth lab or grow op.

Some valid concerns indeed, although a later comment about the city and police being made aware does seem to make me believe these sites would get the attention they deserve, therefore making them safer rather than dangerous because everyone knows about them. Parents need to inform their kids that these buildings aren't haunted houses like they see on television. Just the air touching your skin in the presences of some of these sites can prove dangerous.

Maybe what I'm lacking is clarity. Are we looking at investigative site similar to the noble Mr. Jelly? Or are we looking at walk-by notation?

Perhaps the public could inform people like Matt Jelly who do the dirty work checking out our concerns in a safe manner, and then these same people bring it up to the city and from their it get's input into this database.

I don't think you want the entire city sleauthing like this for safety reasons, but I love the idea Ryan and I would love to help. I make maps for a living although our company hasn't moved up to the wonderful world of GIS yet. Arggh...

I called the city once on a new house being built on my street because they were leaving a mess, cracked the laneway when they poured the foundation, no fences were put up so any kid or animal could have fell in the hole, people were dumping and looting there and the property was a mess for the longest time. Next thing you know the place is boarded up before it's finished, and it's been like that for at least 6 months now. Guess they weren't following code.

There are many houses I 'question' in our area, but other than contacting a council member, it would be nice to know the direct person you could talk to instead of a round about away because next thing you know your email is getting sent around with your name on it and I don't think that is safe for citizens. It should be an anonomous thing so people can feel comfortable for their safety. Who knows what someone is capable of if they found out your big mouth cost them a tonne of money.

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