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By UrbanRenaissance (registered) | Posted July 29, 2010 at 08:56:35

What may be easiest is to generate and maintain our own data through such a web portal suggested above. We'd then populate a web map with our data. Google maps could serve as the background, with each identified site appearing on the map along with details.

This is pretty much exactly what I did for the By-Law Crawl. I created an online form that dumps the required information to a GoogleDocs spreadsheet, this spreadsheet in turn gets read by another page which uses the GoogleMaps API to build the main map. The only manual step was using an online tool to geocode the addresses to latitudes and longitudes, but that's easy to do. You can see my alpha version here. Unfortunately the free webhost I was using for testing deleted my account so I lost my better looking beta version but you get the jist of it I think.

And again, I'm not saying that this information should be withheld from the public, but wouldn't it be prudent to attach at least some sort of safeguard to it?

What did you have in mind? Maybe after each property is confirmed and located an automatic email is sent to the city's bylaw enforcement department and the police?

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