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By Duke (anonymous) | Posted July 29, 2010 at 06:25:56

A few questions I'd like to ask some people about Confederation Park site. Yes, I understand it will not happen and I find that unfortunate.

- Could a Confederation site provide easy access with little to no upgrades provided? Or would it be a mess like the West Harbour?

- Parking is a great concern to Mr. Young considering most in fact drive, Would Parking be easily made available?

- Considering it has great visibility not only to the highway but also the Toronto sky line(on clear days) and Hamilton downtown, why were not of these mentioned as positives?

- Would enviromentalists or activists attempt to halt construction?

- Would it attract more patrons from Burlington/Grimsby area whom are generally abit wealthier; as well patrons from Hamilton MTN who are alot closer now? (Living on the Hamilton MTN it takes me from Glanbrook to Confederation in ten minutes).

- Are the concerns of fall out or pontential health risks from Hamiltons Industrial plants near by a correct assumption?

- Was this site Mr. Youngs top pick or was it in fact the Chedoke/Mcmaster area?

- Would Wild Water Works be effected and would a stadium here pontentially revive the beach by adding restaraunts/bars more alike are neighbours beach ie Burlintons..

These are some of my questions Ive been curious about this site as I believed it was the best location and I know im not alone. Nevertheless any insight on this topic would be greatly apperciated.


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