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By adam2 (anonymous) | Posted July 28, 2010 at 23:07:32

From the article, social determinants of health include:

1. Employment -
How is the new stadium going to be used differently than Ivor Wynne? If its use will remain the same, it will not generate more jobs as the article suggests.

2. Environment -
If the proposed site for the stadium is environmentally unsound, it will have to be cleaned up. Otherwise, I don't see the connection with a stadium and the environment.

3. Health Services -
Hamilton is already an industry leader in the health sector. I don't see a connection with a stadium, however.

The article also states that social services are inadequate in Hamilton. This problem will disappear if gentrification due to downtown revitalization really gets going. Poor families will no longer be able to afford to live downtown and so they will move to more affordable housing elsewhere. This is a side-effect that nobody wants to talk about, but maybe it should be mentioned?

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