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By Jarod (registered) | Posted July 28, 2010 at 22:25:03

To be honest, sometimes I feel that these online polls, while interesting and a good conversation starter, are good for little else. I can't help but feel that they are placed simply to either increase site traffic for the poll hosting website, or to give an outlet for people to express how they feel without those truly responsible having to hear about it.

We all know these online polls have little statistical relevance, and it would appear, at least to me, that those supporting WH tend to leave a more educated comment (in general, I'm not saying those supporting the EM site are in any way less educated).

I guess, for me, the truly positive work (not to diminish any work done by others) is being done by those who email the city officials...constantly, those specific individuals scouring our city streets and uncovering some truly horrific things and shining light in areas that would otherwise remain dark.

And thank you Ryan for up-to-date articles and comments by you and others that really do help to formulate a well rounded understanding of why one site is better than the other, and how to explain that to others.

I'm sure there is more being done that isn't seen, but I guess what my final point is, these things and people are doing more good than any poll will.

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