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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted July 28, 2010 at 17:40:23

puneetseth, I can appreciate what you are saying. As a sports fan who also happens to be a bit of a "tree hugger" and quasi environmentalist, I can't argue with anything in your second paragraph. If I had my way, I'd ban the automobile altogether to be honest. But society is what it is, the car does play a big role especially for those that can afford it and like using their cars. Going to TigerCats games, I use what I might call a blended approach, we take the car but park about 20 minutes or so from the stadium, for free (I'm cheap) and walk the rest. It works. I'll be honest, I don't like taking buses anymore, I like driving my vehicle and make no apologies at all for this feeling I get being in my vehicle. I like it and when we get our new 2011 Mustang in a week or so (wife wanted it bad and with the house paid for now, time to splurge a bit as they say, you only live once) , I'll like it even more than in our clunker Venture van that is 10 years old and leaks.

Let's face it, a stadium on the EM doesn't contribute to what people refer to as "urban sprawl" or suburbanization. That's there now and everywhere, stadium or no stadium and will continue stadium or no stadium in Hamilton and just about every other city on this planet. Yes, people should not use their cars as much, I walk to work 99 percent of the time, it takes about 22 minutes each way. I enjoy the walk. I also enjoy, as I say, getting in the car and going for drives on the weekend now and again and putting the music on in the car driving. Again, no apologies for this.

Hopefully the city and Bob can find investors for the WH to truly make it the site for the stadium for everyone. If investors can't be found, Bob will stick to the EM site where he has some investors. The city has every right to say no money for the EM site from the FF, I'm fine with that. And Bob can say no money from the TiCats for the WH unless the right deal is struck because he can't find investors for the site.

We just have to see how it works out.

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