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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 28, 2010 at 10:30:59

A stadium with a retractable roof for this city is a dream come true

Ya no, and no to Whitestar. Take a look at the first report on this page. Whitesars vision is retractable domes and luxury hotels and condos. Look at what this did to Anaheim. Housing is no longer affordable for the mid to lower class there.

Cleveland and Baltimore had great plans that for the most part have done wonders for revitalizing their cities, but there are still some things they are trying to work out - namely the rest of those cities getting ignored through this downtown rebuilding process.

Dallas as depicted in the above paper, is a good example of how the EM stadium is not a desirable location. Even though Em isn't as far outside the cities permiter as the Cowboy's stadium is, the three other stadiums discussed are more proof of why a stadium should go downtown or close to it.

Sticking with 'Setting Sails' over a period of time instead of this quick-fix Pan Am plan, revitalizing the area around around Ivor Wynne in the meantime (showing some attention to the rest of the city), and working towards a possible 2030 Commonwealth Games stadium plan (100th anniversary of the games we were the first hosts of), could possibly tackle two things at once here and give us more time to put a proper plan in place.

I think the artists revival on James St N is proof that you don't need a lot of money to revitalize. Just a lot of passion and a vision.

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