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By frank (registered) | Posted July 28, 2010 at 10:12:19

Capitalist, here's an answer for you!!! (I'll say it since no one else will)

Just because an organization owns land somewhere doesn't mean that there's a church there - take a look at the property, it's vacant land! Also note that as a "church" meaning charitable organization, Jason is NOT personally responsible for any decisions made by the "church"! Furthermore that same "church" owns three properties downtown near the Gage Park area of which only one is to be a "church". Further-furthermore if you want to get right down to the usage data itself, from their website, LHCA has 3 services each week which means that any venue they build will be used approximately 156 times each year compared to the Tiger Cats 10. Further-further-furthermore the "Jason's church" isn't asking for any public money in their efforts to build whatever they want to build on their land!!

Give up the partisan bullshit and get a life!! MOVE ON!!!

Bo Beep - there are many reasons for listing land at a higher price and none of them are hypocritical (I think you need to look up that definition). It could be that they didn't really want to sell it, could be that they bought the land as an investment, could be that because of market conditions they should be looking for more than they paid for it... There's nothing hypocritical about investing in anything whether it's land or mutual funds!

FWIW NONE of those questions have ANYTHING to do with this article and therefore they weren't addressed by anyone. Mea culpa for feeding the trolls...

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