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By Sonofthehammer (anonymous) | Posted July 28, 2010 at 09:30:06

The TiCats need a new stadium that is a sure thing but The East Mountian Site isn't the ideal location there are many reasons that this is the cast the biggest being that The Linc isn't ready to handle 9500 cars (25,000 people at 2.6 people per vehicle) from an event in addition to the regular traffic stream. The downtown isn't either, but fortunately a downtown stadium would accessible by GO trains, HSR buses, bicycle, skateboard, pogo stick, and.... walking. These options are all more environmentally friendly, and they're all more community-friendly. A Ticat game is a community event.

A west harbour stadium would give spectators the option to arrive early/gradually and leave late. There is plenty to see and do in the parks, shops, cafes, bars, and attractions nearby. A harbour stadium would encourage tailgate parties at the bayfront, pedestrians milling around the downtown area, and at least 25,000 wallets ready to spend at downtown locations.

The option would be present to make a day/evening of it! While most east mountain businesses are major chains that send their profits to their corporate headquarters, the downtown businesses are locally owned, and would keep Hamilton money in Hamilton, while even attracting new tourist dollars!
A mountain stadium would see 25000 people gridlocked on two important traffic arteries (Linc and RHVP).

A mountain stadium would require acres of endless parking lots - resulting in increased water run-off into the Red Hill Valley... and as we've seen: onto the Parkway, and into hundreds of basements. (btw: your tax dollars will be used to 'fix this')
A mountain stadium would ONLY accessible by car. Think about this: with nothing to do locally, everyone - after inhaling beers for three hours, will immediately hop into their vehicles and onto two major highways. Does M.A.D.D. know about this?

A mountain stadium is not 'accessible'. Accessible means far more than proximity to a highway. Accessible means being a part of a community, being available for local leagues and civic programming. Accessible means 'open to access by' more than simply people with vehicles.

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