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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted July 28, 2010 at 03:00:30

This is an interesting interview
July 26, 2010, "Journalists with Opinions"
This interview covers objective responsible journalism, & sports owners who want to 'select the place for a new stadium' & demand public funds to support it.

No, I don't want to muzzle M.C., but I think there is a responsibility to the communities when you say that yours is a community paper. He doesn't seem to see that.
I cannot believe that the sentiments & opinions often exhibited (yes, like a freak show) are representative of these communities @ large.

FYI. It's Not that easy to cancel these papers. I tried several times, & gave up. That's the only reason that it's still showing up.

The Community papers did print a small story about the large number of 'Hate Crimes' in Hamilton/GHA. GREAT! - but I'm surprised that nobody drew any conclusions about why this happens, considering some of the letters that are printed.

I have written to M.C., in private to voice my concerns. I did not get a reply. I really didn't expect one either,so wrapped up is he in telling us,"what's good for us."

(We don't all just whine here RaiseTIQ. Some of speak directly. Too bad more don't, but I doubt if they would get replies either.)

If you cannot do your job to a reasonable degree, & to most of your reader's satisfaction then, 'He is not doing his job at all.' Who's job is it to point that out?

If it's not the readers who have the final say, then who do these 'community papers' exist for? Metroland? The Advertisers? ...Probably. :( What a waste of trees & ink!
(It is available on line, why do we need to have a paper version at all? The flyers are also available on line via 'Flyerland', so we don't need those either.)

If he is unhappy in his work... he is part of a very large club! My heart does not bleed for him. He probably is better paid than most to be unhappy @ work + he has a greater degree of power than most of us.

It seems to be shaping up as a 'Burbs vs. City battle for the stadium, thanks to this kind of take on the situation. Every issue that comes along before & after this election will be another long tedious battle if this kind of mentality takes over. No progress, no innovation, plenty of divide & conquer, & plenty of $cams to go with it.

Hamilton, however you care to define it, deserves BETTER!

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