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By simonge (registered) | Posted July 26, 2010 at 14:02:52

This issue really hits a nerve for me, especially as it relates to raising children. I don't believe the world is any more dangerous than it was a generation ago, yet I believe we generally place more limits on what our kids can do. I agree that the 24-hour news cycle has certainly changed our perspective on safety. Now, if any child is abducted in North America I have a good chance of hearing about it. Whether it's based on the news or our government spending billions on new prisons to support 'getting tough on crime', we live in a pervasive culture of fear. Of course we all want to be safe and know our families are safe. The best way to create safety is be outside in our communities, on our streets, and with our neghbours (and turn off the cable news).

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