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By No Porter (anonymous) | Posted July 25, 2010 at 21:25:10

$11,000 a month? Sounds like Deluce abused this privilege and Air Canada had every right to reneg on the deal, IMHO. Let Deluce take them to court and try to win it back.
Good luck on that.

I agree that flying Air Canada just makes Deluce look pathetic, in that he obviously does so with some kind of axe to grind. He runs an airline that only flies to certain destinations-- so what kind of business does he have in cities where his airline doesn't go? Especially enough business that could justify 11,000 a month? Hogwash.

I also agree that the noise and pollution is a burden on the neighborhood and the natural surroundings of toronto Islands and the waterfront. Porter and Deluce's arrogant insistence on building a busy commuter airport flies in the face of doing what's right for the city's waterfront, and for the residents of the neighborhood.

Deluce has been handed the island airport on a silver platter. They're in bed with a corrupt federal agency, the Toronto Port Authority, that has propped up this fledgling airline by funnelling millions of taxpayer dollars into it. Porter wouldn't have survived without the favours of the TPA and their federal cronies. And it still barely gets by. So I would hardly call it a worthy competitor or rival to an international airline like Air Canada.

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