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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted July 25, 2010 at 13:02:30

Thank you Mahesh, for shining a light on a very dark & stinky place!

Everyone here seems to think that Mr. Cripps is 'out of control'. These are community news papers. Don't we get a say, esp. if we don't think that the editorial content, & the letters chosen for publishing reflect normal community values?

Cripps has asserted that he doesn't hate anybody. He doesn't have to. He has regular 'contributors'. This last editorial didn't sound so peaceful. However, there is always the old, 'Freedom of Speech" angle to consider.

However, since we are not given a choice in receiving this paper, I think the best place to start would be contacting the Advertisers who send the flyers. Also, would sending the papers back to Mountain News, postage due, might be an option. It's unsolicited material found in our mailboxes. Why not? We should check into that.

**Mystoneycreek -Can we all contact somebody @ Metroland or Mountain News to state our case(s)? There is a name of someone who appears to be in charge of Metroland in the Saturday Spec., 1st page.

It seems to me that handing somebody a kind of blank cheque, to say, select, & print whatever they want is a very dangerous thing, esp. if that is supposed to represent the views of many in several areas of the GHA. They clearly don't.

I have emailed copies of some of the letters to Ed. to people outside of this area, & they are aghast & sickened at what they are reading.
My fav. comment so far is , "Don't drink the Kool-Aid".

Is it possible that people have become so disgusted or fearful under this print barrage, to not write letters themselves, in case they are targeted for reprisal?

I have not written any letters to Ed. recently because you might as well write to a stone. These people "Know what they know" & no logic in the world is going to change their entrenched views.

I posted some material here not that long ago that was critical of both editorial & letter content & selection, & right afterward had a few 'problems' driving around the 'Hood.
That tells me that there are 2 kinds of people here. People in the Loop(y) who agree with this stuff & the vast majority people outside of that area of influence who don't.
That sure doesn't sound 'Community' oriented to me. It sounds like a small clique running local media (into the ground) for their own benefit. :{

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