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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted July 24, 2010 at 10:10:18

Usually I'm a fan of the mountain news, but this Cripps character is out of control. I read the article and was immediately filled with a "what the hell good will that do?" attitude. He's continuing to divide the city and pick on old amalgamation wounds.

By turning the stadium debate into a "sububrs versus city" issue he has divided the city along what are probably the most ridiculous and self-centered lines possible. What about "people who believe in urban renewal versus people who don't" or "ti-cat fans versus non-fans" I'm sick and tired that everything turns into a suburbs versus city issue.

BTW I'm totally dumbfounded that the downtown core with it's high poverty rates is the "ravenous overlord" of Ancaster and Dundas with their multi-million dollar homes. Go spend a weekend in the north east end and tell me who the Serfs are Mr. Cripps.

Maybe if council was running one "city" instead of the "serfs rebelling" against the "city" we'd have a city we could all be proud of?

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