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By jason (registered) | Posted July 24, 2010 at 08:26:25

I gave all of the street capacities in a recent post, but I can't find it now. LOL. Anyhow, I drew circles around each site of 800 metres and found 43 lanes of main roads around the West Harbour site and 16 lanes around EM.

Each site has highway access. EM was 4 or 5 hundred meters closer to the highway than the West Harbour, but I don't think a few hundred metres is making or breaking anything.

as a side note, I was at BMO Field this week and will post a blog on my trip shortly. Here's the quick summary - 2 hours from downtown Hamilton to BMO in stop and go traffic. Jammed parking lots and a long trip out to come back home. And that's a 20,000 seat stadium with streetcar access, quick walking distance to Liberty Village and downtown TO and hundreds of guys leaving by bike at the end of the night.

EM will be a nightmare with worse highway access (less lanes), no walking/cycling access and horrendous transit access.

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