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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted July 23, 2010 at 00:26:59

On tonight's Ticats game at Percival-Molson stadium on the downtown McGill campus, they gave the stat of the Al's having sold out 95 consecutive home games (20,000 seats). They just finished an expansion of 5000 seats and have already sold 3500 of them to new season ticketholders.

Check out google maps to show there is minimal nearby parking.

Mt Royal is an equivalent barrier to lake ontario for the WH site, so they are accessible from only 3 directions as opposed to 4 now at IW and effectively only 1 at EM. Percival Molson is closer to downtown and looks to have less parking. In both places, the downtown will derive significant economic benefit on game days. The same is not true for big boxes surrounding EM site.

"Honey, let's go see the Cats then look at some flooring." Right.

WH will have more use on non-game days than EM as it is closer to a dense population, hotels, varied businesses, many schools and Mac.

Stadiums are not primarily economic engines, they showcase the city. Still I wish someone in city hall would examine the economic argument, which if you look at the big picture will be solidly in favour of WH. Only if you take a self interested view, like Bob, does EM make any sense. Or if you buy into the rhetoric and refuse to recognize that you will creep along in seemingly endless queues for that single highway access.

I would bet if you put the question to fans honestly, i.e. would you rather walk 10 minutes to your car and then drive away easily (at WH or like now at IW) or walk 5 minutes to the EM parking lot then idle in the car for another 20 minutes waiting to get the hell out of there, well...

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