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By J Morse (anonymous) | Posted July 22, 2010 at 17:55:48

Let's all put our energy into raising our voices to council and mayor. I just sent them all this letter:

Dear Mayor and Councilors,

Please consider the following regarding stadium location and funding:

An opportunity emerged for the people of Hamilton to participate in, and benefit from, investment in recreational and entertainment facilities related to the Pan Am Games. This received promises of funding from the Ontario government and Hamilton's 'Future Fund'. Not everyone agrees this type of public investment in recreational facilities is worthwhile. I believe it is worthwhile, however, as government has the ability to make decisions on large scale projects that represent the interests of the general population as well as those of business.

The province has clear guidelines regarding where development is to be targeted, and the focus is on infill concentration, regional transit nodes, and away from our province's dwindling agricultural and ecologically sensitive lands. The Future Fund, in my understanding, is to be invested in urban revitalization, to make Hamilton more attractive for residents and businesses to locate, or remain, in Hamilton. The reasoning behind the provincial policy and the Future Fund is widely accepted as what's best for the future social, environmental, and economic well being of our region.

As a result of the conflict between the interests of a single business and council's agreed position on location, you are now facing a choice between two options. The original West Harbour location fits all the criteria of the clearly stated goals of our city and province, while the East Mountain location is the opposite in that it satisfies not one of these goals. You must choose between our vision for the future prosperity of our city, or the perceived revenue needs of a pro sports franchise. There is a rising swell of concern that government money, our money, will be handed over to private interests. The choice is clear. Public investment is not for pro sports teams.
If we lose out on the stadium, the games, the football team, it will be disappointing. If we decide to hand over our hopes for the future to a private business to gamble with, it will be a disgrace.

Please state clearly your position on this issue, and that it is NOT to invest any public funds in an East Mountain stadium plan.

Thank you.

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