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By Mary (registered) | Posted July 22, 2010 at 01:25:50

Count me among the folks who love living walking or biking distance to the essentials--I bike 5 hilly miles to work, can walk to my doctor's office, the grocery store, the library. And it's a mere 30-minutes by bike to see any of my three kids and four grandkids.

The argument that people who ride bikes do it because they can't afford cars (and I know that there are some for whom that is true) reminded me of the guy who said that there are so many people in Amsterdam on bikes because they have a lower standard of living than we do. Come again???

Count me as a 65-year old bike enthusiast (and yes, we are far from car-free in my family). And check out if you want to evaluate just how walkable your next neighborhood is.

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