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By Kiely (registered) | Posted July 21, 2010 at 15:28:56

...even professional teams with large budgets such as the Yankees for example. - HamiltonFan

Very true HF, sports franchises are like bloodhounds when it comes to finding access to other people's money.

On the other hand, finding some altruism seems impossible.

We must worship them and shower them with gifts and unfettered access to revenue streams for the pleasure and honour of being allowed to cheer for the group of guys in uniforms they provide. After all if we don't they can't promise the team won't leave...

This sham has been repeated time and time again to the sole economic benefit of sports franchises. The real sad part is even with all this free money being thrown their way, many teams and leagues have still grown too big for their britches and cannot make enough money to remain in business (e.g., the Ti-Cats). They can continue to insist this is because we won't give them what they want or they can face the reality that their business model simply does not work and start doing something about it.

Bob Young seems to want to remain a corporate-welfare-bum.

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