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By Balsam Bench (anonymous) | Posted July 21, 2010 at 11:29:18

Parking is the most obvious revenue generator, since it's virtually non-negotiable in a situation like the EM, whereas revenues from F&B or peripheral development (eg. if Bob set up a big box Open Source Steakhouse) are more of an optional spin-off and not a guaranteed earner. That's the CFL, though. Team budgets have skyrocketed over the last 10 years and their share of the league's media revenues seems to be limited at best, despite healthy viewership. Which is why their organization has made moves to underwrite the core product by selling peripherals. Just as a movie theatre makes its bread and butter off the snack bar, the Cats stage football games in order to create the conditions by which they can generate optimal profit. If they lose $1,000,000 year inside the stadium, they can make $1,000,001 a year working the parking concession. And if it's nice out, maybe they'll have the cheerleaders working a charity car wash.

It would definitely be a change in philosophy. To go by appearances, the Ticats have put themselves in a position where they can't charge what their product is worth, or even what it costs (see the break in facility rent for Ivor Wynne and the mutinous yowling when the club upped the season ticket prices in '08). More and more, they're looking like the HSR of professional sports.

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