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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted July 21, 2010 at 09:58:04

Some cities may have more of a culture than Hamilton of people who do have cars using public transit, certainly in Montreal's case you've got the subway system and as well, in Vancouver's case a downtown area with probably a better image than what many Hamiltonians have of anything near downtown. Trying to get people from the mountain who have nice cars who live in nice houses to use public transit here in Hamilton I don't see it.

But I agree, on site parking isn't that necessary even in Hamilton. I think the key here is that Bob Young with Osmington is able to find investors for an EM site that will include parking and is in an area where investors will wish to invest in. Hence why Bob has concentrated on the word "access" meaning access for people to use the retail and other shops that Osmington sees will be used. Any way you cut it for me, I'd much rather go to Limeridge Mall and park as I do now where I can go to the mall, Fortino's, the liquor store, Tim's across the street etc. all very easily because there is a big parking lot. Yes, I don't mind going downtown but there has to be a good reason for me to go and the wife and me do go to the WH for strolls and to a Chinese restaurant we like there as well as the main library from time to time.

In the end, what I'm really hoping for is a downtown location but not WH and I really think this could come to fruition to be honest. If Balsillie was willing to operate an NHL team out of Copps then a stadium for the TigerCats in the downtown area should work as well given the proper conditions. Here's hoping.

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