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By DanielRodrigues (registered) - website | Posted July 20, 2010 at 11:53:15

Leaders lead so that others will follow. Most likely the lack of individuals bellying up to the ballot is due to who is leading (and I'm not indicating one person).

Your commentary begins well, but then you drop "Aerotropolis" into the mix, and suddenly your piece no longer seems important. It now looks like another special-interest piece.

If you're really concerned about our Municipal representatives, then why are you not asking about the leadership? Regardless of the issue, Council lacks cohesiveness to move Hamilton forward. Votes pertaining to Hamilton's future tend to end in either a split-vote or deferral for further consultation. The City operates in a piece-meal fashion, wherein we have 15 local mayors and one mayor at large who focus on their specific concerns first, rather than the concern of the City at large.

I will agree with you that Hamilton needs to be more engaged in the election process, and that certainly more education is required on our representatives. The results of the survey will tell the story...I just hope we can get that story in time.

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