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By Tecumseh (registered) | Posted July 19, 2010 at 21:31:24

Why do the Ticats have to be the only potential legacy use? What if Hamilton never had the Ticats, would we not have been offered the stadium by the Pan-Am organizers/Provincial gov't in the first place because of a lack of legacy uses? I don't think so. Surely concerts, festivals, high-school football, the potential for CIS football playoff games, exhibition soccer games, etc, would satisfy the province that there will be some lasting legacy at the West Harbour site, regardless of its capacity or the presence of a CFL team.

You know what's tragic about this whole mess? Is that it's turned long-time Ticat fans against the Tiger Cats. I have wonderful memories of watching games at Ivor Wynne with my dad and brothers - we had seasons tickets for years and years. Now Bob Young just makes me hate them. As much as I love(d) the Ticats I love Hamilton more, and the threats he's levelling against our city just make me sick. I for one am ready to hold onto my memories and let the Ticats die as far as I'm concerned.

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