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By Centrist (registered) | Posted July 19, 2010 at 19:28:10

The Ti-Cats play 10 at home games, plus possibly a few playoff games. And for that they need a whole new stadium? Give me a break.

Part of the fun of going to a Ti-Cat game is going to Ivor Wynne. What other sports stadium in North America can you go to where no one sits in the seats marked on their tickets and instead sit where ever the heck they want. The atmosphere at Ivor Wynne is always fantastic. I love sitting high up in the south stands and being able to look out at the old steel mills in the distance. It's a fantastic experience that will be lost if the Cats move to a new location. Look at how much it sucks to go see an Argos game now that they've moved to the SkyDome.

Honestly, in my opinion, the Cats should have no say in the stadium debate. If they want a new stadium, they should build their own. Why is Bob Young thinking provincial and municipal funding should go towards his desire for a "big league" stadium?

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