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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted July 19, 2010 at 17:08:05


Steelcare Plant 6 (the place south of Aberdeen) is a transloading facility that unloads railcars, and is Steelcare's main office - they would not part with it easily for those reasons. I was more thinking that Steelcare Plant 20 (AKA the Careport Centre, located west of Longwood and north of Aberdeen) might be something the company would part with for the right price, and is sitting on 15 acres of land that might be a good stadium site... It is just around the corner from that big blank spot on the map at the end of Frid street that I have no idea what's there, which could help service Mr. Young's parking needs.

In the extreme day-dream pie-in-the-sky case, the ground floor of some of the yet-to-be-built buildings at Innovation Park could become storefronts providing a modern streetwall of offices-over-stores/restaurants/bars facing the stadium - widen longwood to add street-side parking and a nicer sidewalk. That location is right next to the 403 offramp, in walking distance from the Aberdeen and Westdale neighborhoods.

On the negative side, it is boxed in by the expressway and the Steelcare/CN rail-yard and innovation park, so it's not really a commercial neighborhood until you cross the overpass to the CHML building plaza or head up Aberdeen to Dundurn to where the Tim Hortons no longer resides... and there isn't any of the downtown wasteland of surface-level parking you could use to supplement parking needs, nor any local businesses you could filch it from besides the plant-6 yard that is constantly packed with transport trucks. And it's a bit of a hike (about 10 minutes up Longwood) from the planned King street LRT stop.

Disclaimer(s): (1) I am an employee of the Carego Group of Companies (2) I have no idea if the owner would would take such an offer, or whether he interested in selling Steelcare Plant 20 under any circumstances. I am talking entirely out of my buttocks.

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