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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted July 19, 2010 at 17:01:53

More and more I'm reminded of a couple contemplating marriage. It's back and forth, this fear, then that worry, this concern, that anticipation. There's enough being discussed that they both know that instead of going ahead with the anticipated wedding date, they should put the brakes on and reconsider. Honestly and openly.

But they don't. They go ahead out of 'obligation', out of fear of embarrassment, all kinds of reasons.

And we all know how these situations tend to turn out, even understanding the general divorce rate.

Under the best of circumstances, when it's just the idiosyncrasies of the marketplace as the main variable, things are hard enough to make work in a stadium situation. But when you've got these kinds of variable? Oi vey.

(Slightly connected, regarding my previously-suggested point that at the very start of this process the question being 'Urban or sub-urban'...a premise Mr. Young rejected...I realized a great analogy: it's like two people deciding to get married...only when they're sorting out the details, one person holds to a monogamous philosophy, the other to a non-monogamous one. Just as with what I've suggested, it's either-or, it can't be both...and everything starts and ends there. Doesn't matter about the house you might live in, or the number of kids you might agree on...if you don't agree on this first point, you're dead in the water. And this is, I believe, the case with the Pan Am matter what kind of semantical gymnastics you want to engage in.)

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