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By synxer (registered) | Posted July 19, 2010 at 14:47:43


We sympathize with your concerns for profitability. Worthy concerns, but I feel that human psychology plays a role here. A rather large role, especially since Hamilton suffers an image problem.

I fear that the majority of the voices you are hearing that support an East Mountain location may be those who see big box development to be synonymous with "moving forward".

The mentality I speak of is: "Oakville and Burlington are our neighbours and they are doing well. Look at all of these new outlets!"

A large portion of Hamiltonians associate downtown as a wasteland to be forgotten. It is this stigma that keeps our downtown from revitalization. We collectively perpetuate this stigma when we build away from our problems. The idea of a stadium downtown to someone who views downtown as a wasteland will not support a downtown stadium.

Our self image negativity effects our ability to bid, commit, hire more qualified officials, get funding, build infrastructure, help those who need help, be taken seriously, take ourselves seriously as a major city. The list is long and the root always seems to be our image.

I really do understand your goals, Bob. They are mostly good ones. But this stadium is not just about the Tigercats, the Pan Am Games, events, concerts or visibility.

As someone who has lived in Hamilton most of my life, I know when someone looks at the East Mountain location they are gonna think, "not even the Tigercats want to be in this city." That is Not A Good Thing.

This "VS." narrative is more hinged with reality:

2 years of "new car smell" appeal, followed by low attendance, no networked incentives to drive to EM, no concerts or events


2 years of low attendance followed by improvements to our image, long term infrastructure revitalization, restaurants, boutiques, hotels and a list of reasons to be 10 minutes from the stadium. Bob Young is a hero.

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